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    Looks amazing 🤩

  2. John Baker John Baker

    Sir thank you for your likes and following me. Congratulations on your writing success. I too am now a best selling author.
    I imagine like you, I am fortunate to be invited to speak at lunches and dinners about my book and I am particularly honoured to be invited back to my old school to speak.
    You might be interested in the piece the School Headmaster penned about my talk
    (Knox Grammar School has 3,200 students and 400 teachers, which is large for Australia)

    “Evenings with an Author”

    A foundation in reading and writing has been the basis of our educational system since its inception and discovering ways to increase student interest in those basic components of learning is something which every teacher seeks. As educators we are aware of the link between pleasure reading and academic success.

    In one study of the reading habits of high-school students aged 15 – 17 years of age, it theorised that students who engage in reading self-selected literature for pleasure would experience greater academic success than their non-reading peers. Following this study, the authors concluded that young people who read for pleasure performed better in English, Mathematics, Science and History than their non-reading counterparts in the subjects measured. The authors further concluded that pleasure reading was an essential component for academic and future success.

    Here at Knox, we are always looking for ways to encourage our students to read for pleasure. It is with this in mind that I’m delighted to announce an OKGA/Knox initiative, “An evening with an Author” on Thursday 26 October, where novelist John Baker, an Old Boy from 1968 will be interviewed by Scott Whitmont (OKG78) on John’s best-selling novel, Stalin’s Wine Cellar.

    John has had many, varied and successful careers and each has come from grasping opportunities which may have seemed beyond reach. He would be the first to admit when he left Knox that publishing a best seller was never something he imagined he would, or could do; but opportunity and persistence paved the way for this amazing true-life adventure. John’s book was first published in August 2020 when it hit the best seller lists and where it remains today.

    The OKGA, in conjunction with the School, plans this to be the first in a series of “Evenings with an Author” where we can showcase Old Boys and other authors to the students and community and provide a unique insight into the fascinating world of literature and writing.

    I encourage you to support this event and bring your sons along to hear this Old Boy discuss the adventures which led to the creation of this marvellous book. The link to register is here. (insert the link)
    Scott James

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